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Robert Bliss draws upon a wide range of experience for his furniture design and current consulting work.  Educated at Black Mountain College and MIT, he practiced architecture in Minneapolis with his wife, Anna Campbell Bliss until moving to Salt Lake City. There he headed the Department of Architecture, later as Dean of the Graduate school of Architecture.

He helped launch the Community Design Center in 1969  to address building problems where individuals lacked the means to hire assistance and advisory services for communities.  As Historic maintenance Officer for the Minnesota AIA he directed several campaigns to rescue Louis Sullivan’s Owatonna Bank and the Metropolitan Building.  He continued this work in Salt Lake City as President and Board Member of the Utah Heritage Foundation and advisor to the National Foundation. His concern for architectural education, city planning and preserving the environment continues with active participation in local and national committees.

Following early architectural studies, Bliss received a Rotch Traveling Fellowship and with his architect wife spent a year bicycling through Europe.  Their passion for art and travel continued with archeological studies in South America, Asia and consulting work in Kuwait. 

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